I help you monetize and win

Hi!  My name is Ajit Ghuman, I'm the author of the book Price To Scale: Practical Pricing For Your High Growth SaaS Startup. I'm devoted to helping SaaS companies better monetize their products. I also the co-host of the Code To Cash podcast.

In full-time roles, I have helped firms such as Twilio (ran monetization for a $500M BU), Narvar (grew firm from $40M to +$100M), Medallia (boostrap to unicorn+), Helpshift, and Feedzai differentiate their products, grow revenue and win. As a consultant, I have helped Seed stage all the way through to Post-IPO SaaS firms with different pricing and monetization challenges.

Some of the areas where I have experience and can help are:

  1. Pricing Model Standardization: Moving to your first repeatable pricing model. (Series C eCommerce SaaS, Series B IT/Compliance SaaS)
  2. Pricing Metric Selection: Selecting the right metric ($/user, $/event, $/execution, etc.) can have an outsized impact on customer fit and alignment to value. I will help you layout all of your options and select a winning metric. (Post-IPO CCaaS, Series B IT/Compliance SaaS)
  3. Packaging and Re-packaging: Packaging is one of the most underlooked areas in SaaS. Well designed packages maximize the monetization potential of your market segments and solve for sales efficiency.  (Series A Wellness/Health SaaS, Seed Social Recruiting SaaS)
  4. Moving to Usage Based Pricing: In competitive and high growth situations, Usage Based Pricing can help you reduce risk for your prospects and increase adoption rates. I will help you to execute this model while mitigating its inherent risks of price cannbilization, forecasting issues and sales comp roadblocks. (Post-IPO CCaaS)
  5. Increasing ARR: Through a combination of pricing model changes in packaging, metrics and tariff structures, I can help you meet the needs to get higher ARR per customer. (Seed to Series C SaaS - many firms)
  6. Increasing Revenue Predictability: Many companies initially take on risk that leads to revenue variability, this is very problematic in uncertain economic environments. I can help you make adjustments to your pricing model to mitigate this problem. (Seed Social Recruiting SaaS)
  7. Implementing CPQ, Billing Systems as well as Feature Flags & Metering: I have deep product expertise in the monetization stack. Even the best pricing model cannot work if the right stack does not support the model. I will help guide your product and revops teams to build the stack that fits your business. (Series C eCommerce SaaS, Post-IPO CCaaS)