Pricing to Scale: 4-Step Strategic Framework for Business Success with Ajit Ghuman
Ajit Ghuman is the Director of Product Management, Pricing, Packaging, and Customer Experience at Twilio. He is the author of the book Price to Scale.
How to Rock Product Marketing with Ajit Ghuman - Sales Hacker
Join us for a conversation about pricing philosophy, the effect that price has on customer satisfaction, and why the truth is better than feeling good.
A Guide to a Better Pricing Model with Ajit Ghuman
In this replay episode, we’re discussing the complex balancing act that is pricing. How can we craft a pricing structure that fits just right when it com…
How To Effectively Price B2B Products And Services -
Resources: Book: Pricing To Scale Ajit Ghuman on LinkedIn Transcript Will Barron: This episode of the show is brought to you from the HubSpot Studio. Coming up on today’s episode of the sales leadership show. Ajit Ghuman: The problem with begging yourself to competitio…
TEI 336: Pricing software products right - with Ajit Ghuman - Product Mastery Now
How product managers can solve positioning, packaging, and pricing for their products Today we are discussing how to price products, helping you avoid common mistakes and sharing steps to make your pricing smarter. Our guest is Ajit Ghuman. He is the Head of Product Marketing at Narvar, an enterpris…
How to Select the Right Pricing to Increase Software Sales - Ajit Ghuman - eCommerce Marketing Podcast
Welcome to the e-commerce marketing podcast everyone. I am your host, Arlen Robinson, and today we have a very special guest, Ajit Ghuman, who is currently Head of Product Marketing at Narvar, an enterprise-grade customer engagement platform that helps retailers inspire loyalty beyond reason by enab…
Pricing Your Product for Sales and Growth, with Ajit Ghuman - Graphos Product
Ajit Gjuman has led pricing implementation for enterprise product teams and is head of product marketing at Narvar. In this episode, Ajit talks about “Price to Scale,” his new book.
777: Differentiate and Win the Pricing Game with Marketing Expert Ajit Ghuman
Do you price your products relative to your customer’s business scale, or is it consistent with every business? Understand the category of your customers and start pricing from there. If you think marketing is all you need, think again because as your business grows, your customers change. Intrigued…
Product Marketing Insider [podcast]: Ajit Ghuman
This week on Insider we’re joined by Ajit Ghuman, Head of PMM at Narvar. We discussed all things PMM and pricing ahead of the release of his new book Price to Scale: Practical Pricing for Your High Growth Software Startup, plus much more.
Research: A market where consumers can pay for privacy is emerging
There is a hidden market for privacy, with consumers eager to pay a premium to protect their personal information online, new research shows.